Information for Parents Concerning Thumb Sucking

When you see your little one sucking his or her thumb during an ultrasound, it is always so cute and you are hopeful to capture a picture. But, once baby arrives and begins to grow, thumb sucking is no longer an innocent, cute habit that you want to see your baby doing. In fact, thumb sucking can cause many oral health issues and may even damage the teeth.

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If you want to help your child break the thumb sucking habit before problems occur, there are a few things that you can do to help. First, it is probably a good idea to schedule services from a dentist. Your child should visit the dentist annually already, but an extra appointment will provide fresh ideas and ensure there aren’t any oral health concerns from thumb sucking.

First, understand when there is a problem and when there probably isn’t anything to concern yourself over. Only when you know that a potential problem is there can you help your child. Early thumb sucking may not always be something to worry about. Around 85% of all kids stop sucking their thumb themselves before the age of five.

Don’t shame your child for their habit, but instead use positive reinforcements to help them. Although you know how damaging thumb sucking can be to your child, punishing them for a habit they use to soothe and comfort themselves can hurt their confidence, self-esteem, and the progress that you  get when you want to stop your child from sucking their thumb.

Use the information above to help stop your child from sucking his or her thumb. Also use dentistry for children middleboro to aid in the process. Together you can help your child break this habit and keep their beautiful smile and healthy mouth.